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Do you provide equipment?

For your first couple of sessions we can lend you any of the equipment needed to get started. if you choose to continue coming along then we recommend you get your own for hygiene reasons. we sell all necessary equipment at the gym.

Do I have to book online?

No need to pre book any classes. Our gym is big enough to hold alot of people. just turn up ten mins or so before the class is due to start and get involved.

How do i sign up for a membership?

To sign up pop along to the gym during open hours and any member of staff will be happy to help you.

What should I wear?

Most men will wear shorts and tshirt during training and women tend to wear either leggings or shorts. Whatever your comfortable in. or thai boxing/kickboxing sessions will be in bare feet and our boxing and circuit training class you must have clean indoor trainers or boxing boots.

Do i have to spar or compete to join?

Probably the most common question for someone wanting to use the classes to get fit or are just starting out. No one is forced to get involved with the sparring and competing. There are always a couple in each class who wont want to spar and something else can be set. however, if your wanting to compete sparring and contact training is a must.

How much is it?

Please refer to our "prices" section. We have memberships and pay as you go options.

Im a complete beginner. Can I join?

Of course! Everyone starts somewhere! All of our classes are mixed ability and your welcome to get involved. For those wanting something a little more beginner friendly, we have a beginner boxing and beginner muay thai classes once a week. Check the timetable for when these are.

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